Sunday, February 08, 2009

Gathered Skirts - Quick & Easy Sewing

During the past holiday a few weeks ago, I thought I would get a lot of sewing done. Umm, No. Not until the very last minute, did I actually start a sewing project. I needed something fast and easy to get my mojo going so I ran out to Joanne's to find about a yard of fabric to make a gathered skirt.

My inspiration was these simple puff skirts on Childhood Flames. A seam, some elastic, a casing, a hem and done. I decided against a patterned fabric as it would cut down how many things I could wear it with and I knew I didn't want it to be black ('no more!' cried my closet). I had been eyeing this really nice solid suiting fabric the last few times I was in the store. It came in gray and a nice taupe/tan shade. Thin but with enough body to drape well. The other times, I couldn't think of what to make with it since it was so cold outside. However, I decided thick tights and boots could help me out for this project.

So, I draped it around my hips and decided that I wanted a slightly fuller skirt than first thought, so I bought 1 1/2 yards of the gray (denim heather solid suiting at $4.19 per yard). I also noticed that the selvage was almost imperceptible from the rest of the fabric so I vetoed the need for a hem right there. Clever thinking, right? see my other time saving idea was to use the width of the fabric to my advantage by cutting the fabric down the fold line and attaching the two pieces together. Therefore, I could make a simple casing, add elastic and be done. Well, I had not thought of the concept versus the actuality of the fabric I ended up buying. The suiting was 60' not 44/45' .The skirt would be much longer than the one I had envisioned, almost mid-calf length. So if I wanted that skirt in my mind, I WOULD have to hem it. Still not a problem but not in my original plan.

Because of laziness, it is staying the long length for the time being and will receive a very deep hem later if I feel it needs to be. I mean the actual skirt was a party skirt anyway out of shantung or something festive, not a durable suit fabric. So the skirt that was supposed to look like this...

Phillip Lim

instead looks like this now...

Devi Kroell

I'm fine with that. You will see the skirt in a future post, you know, pesky pictures must be taken first.

More pics of similar skirts, these with sleek waistbands:

Both by Phillip Lim

This look by Manuel I just LOVE!

Images: Jargol,, little thoughts, Jake, Lucky


Antoinette said...

Good choice to go for a quick, easy win to get back in the game. It works for me, mostly. :) I bought a vintage dress (muumuu) with the coolest fabric and was thinking about making a gathered skirt like that using McCalls 5631.

M5631 seems to flare more at the bottom than a couple of your inspiration garments, which seem more tulip-y in shape. But I see the appeal and look forward to seeing your skirt!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Looking forward to seeing the skirt! Quickie projects are a great way to jump start.