Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I went shoe scouting...

Of course, my only local J. Jill store does not carry shoes. Argggh!

However, I did get to try on the Born Luisa at Macy's. I think I fell in love.

I have high arches, which are in danger of falling from the lack of support in the majority of my shoes. That wouldn't be a problem with Luisa because that raised portion of their sole fit almost perfectly for me. I though the asymmetrical toe would look funny but I barely noticed it because the comfort completely won me over. These are definitely in contention for my new flats.

I also tried on Born's Magnolia, thinking perhaps the fit would be the same. Though quite cute, the fit wasn't as great for me. After checking out the variety and number of shoes on their website I really wish I had a chance to try on more than the 3 to 4 styles from their lines that my local shoe stores offer.

I was able to see and touch the Naturalizer Creston. One look at the textured leather and it was out. In my opinion, the texture and feel made the shoe seem cheap. I also really need more of a rigid sole in my shoe for walking, these were too much like ballet slippers. Macy's did not have the Naturalizer Referee or League, both of which I really wanted to try on before ordering.

My next possible new shoe is Clarks' Rhea. Again, as soon as I stood up in this shoe I liked the feel of it. Though the look is very similar to Naturalizer's League; again, the fit won me over. When I took these off and put back on my soon-to-be-replaced Mary Jane heels, I realized just how bad my current shoes were, they SO need to be thrown away!

So, I'm going to DSW tonight to hopefully try on the ones that I didn't get to this time. Wish me luck!


adventure grrl said...

Good Luck! i hope you find what you're looking for and then buy 2!

lsaspacey said...

Yup, but I only bought one each.