Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wedding 08: The Look

C(oi)n Purse led me to a bride who bought a bridesmaid dress in ivory to wear as her dress.

Well, I've been suggesting this next thing to people for years. Have you seen some of these bridesmaid dresses from Watters and Watters, Alvina Valenta, and Jim Hjelm? Gorgeous! No excess ruffles, sequins, or colored iridescent lace, just beautiful dresses with elegant simple lines, and best of all, many times cheaper than dresses especially marketed as WEDDING dresses. Just imagine them in white or cream. Perfect, right?

Don't forget the budget savings of making your own dress too. Villain Extraordinaire has made an incredible red dress for her upcoming wedding that makes me think "steam-punk" for some reason and check out this slinky slip dress by Sweet Sassafras that has a prohibition-era speakeasy vibe to it. You should also check out her photographer, Jillian Kay.

Another wedding blogger whose archives were just combed over by me is Perfect Bound. I found so many beautiful inspiration photos there, like this beautiful birdcage veil and natural hairpiece.

Also look at the loveliness that is at the UK's Peonies and Polaroids; the images of dresses she has found on the web (like this vintage lovely), her DIY projects for her upcoming wedding (some already seen in the DIY contest from an earlier post), and her actual dress, which is a dream.

Images: Project Subrosa, Saraicat; Nicole Polk (via Perfect Bound), Perfect Bound; Peonies and Polaroids

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