Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

I'm still here at home, but not for long.

I just put together an emergency kit for today: safety pins, bobby-pins, mints, band-aids, little packs of Advil & Motrin (don't worry, I saw 16 Candles!) tape, scissors, sewing needles, ivory thread, floral tape, some corsage pins, etc.

But I just couldn't stop surfing for wedding stuff. I think I'm addicted!

I just found this site, thoughtfulday, and checked out the pictures of her wedding. I was drawn to her dress, surprise, it's another bridesmaid dress! This one is by Thread, was $400, and is just perfect for a beach wedding like this one. Also check out her silver sandals!

She had a gorgeous color scheme, yellow and white, and she incorporated it elegantly yet also in a real fun way (check out the groom's yellow socks!)

So, now I'm off to pick up some stuff, including a vegan meal for one of the DJs, then to get everything ready for the event!

Images: by Anna Wolf

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scb said...

Have a great day! I know it will go well -- hope you can actually enjoy it!