Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Purge, continued

I finally got to Payless last night to try on the shoes from this post.

Unfortunately, nothing fit, either they were too tight in the toe or too wide for my high arches. I had really hoped to buy a sweet little ballerina flat and retire at least one pair of old shoes today.

I was able to try on two of the styles I posted from Payless, plus one new one. This first shoe is the one from Old Navy, but as it turns out, Payless had a very similar pair with the same "higher heel hidden inside" design. However, I didn't like the fit on this shoe either. I really like the look of the Old Navy pair and they are still my first choice, but I don't like the fact that they only sell them online and you can't try them on in the store.

This shoe retirement has become a more urgent goal since I realized I do not want to be wearing high heels during the wedding that I'm managing in three weeks. I've walked the location; Maymont Park, with it's cobblestone paths and gravel lanes enough times to know I do not want to twist my ankle. On the first day I toured the space, in heels, I found myself cursing their quaint and lovely garden paths.

So, where else can I find a nice pair of ballerina-like flats for cheap? Any ideas?


drwende said...

Forever 21 does a slingback version of the pleated-toe flat for under $20: link.

Hot Topic's ballet flats are cute but lack the pleats, same price range: link.

You may also want to check Target's in-store selection, since it's often different from what's online.

drwende said...

Claire's has cute ballet flats along your lines for $10, marked down from $16.