Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wedding 08: Keeping up to date

Wow, I really thought I would have a blast blogging about wedding options and such but I just haven't had time to do the additional research needed to write. So in future posts (I have SO many unfinished posts on this!) , I am just going to list and link to all the great stuff I've found in the last few weeks. Not a lot of pesky text to read, just beautiful images and incredibly great ideas. How's that?

By the way, the planning for the July 19 wedding is going smoothly. The things that had me freaking out two weeks ago, have been handled.

I had totally forgot all about the event planner "need for control" thing. Which is amazing, since that was exactly what burned me out on the job. You have an incredibly strong need to control every aspect because you feel that is your job, however, just as in real life, you can not possibly have control over everything, therefore, you constantly have to re-evaluate what to freak out about more. The good thing is that I also remember how great it feels when it all comes together and people thank you for the job you've done.

Just ten more days!

Photo: Adorable directional signs by Delightful Details.

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