Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More from Totokaelo

This online store, Totokaelo does the best job at curating the garments they sell. There's so much inspiration there. Here are some pieces that caught my eye:

Hope Carrie blouse $226 (on sale!)

The folded pleat at top of shoulder extends the shoulder line and forms a little shelf. This would be easy to imitate, just take a tuck in the fabric, right?

This is a side-draped skirt but I like the idea of taking a longer than desired exaggerated pencil skirt (much fuller at the top than normal) and shirring the skirt up the center front and back. Similar to this one but not with as much volume on the sides. This would be easily done with an already existing skirt or dress in your closet.

SAMMA Study in Balance necklace

At work, I came across some Butterfly clamp paperclips that I might use to fashion a similar necklace.

Wood Wood Kirstine Dress, Yohji Yamamoto Raglan Sleeve Knit Jacket

I love the look of this simple pale check dress with the dark navy over-clothes. Can you imagine how yummy that would be in flannel? Or really, any easy shift dress in a wool-like but washable flannel like these Woolies Flannels. Oh, how I want to buy loads of those one day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Retro Butterick Patterns!

I just noticed something else great about the new redesign of the McCall Pattern Group websites (Butterick, McCall's, Vogue)

They now have pictures of real garments worn on models to represent all of their current Retro Butterick collection patterns (They've also done this for their Vintage Vogue patterns). Now you can have an idea of how the real garment will fit as opposed to the aspirational drawings of the original time period. This is good and bad. Bad because one of my favorites doesn't look as good in the real life photo. If it doesn't look good with their styling, what can you expect at home?
From the good to the bad:


This one looks positively modern, doesn't it?


As you can see, this one could make an actual evening gown if done in the right fabrics.


Loving this one, though I know that Christina had a hard time with this one and since we have the same measurements I don't think I'll try it either. But check Pattern Review, maybe someone else succeeded, because it is a great design, especially the over-blouse piece.


This is alright but it just doesn't have the snap that the original does. Perhaps it's the fabric or the fact that the skirt has been shortened.


It's not that bad if you want to breathe. What is happening to her chest, it's all smashed down, not comfortable and not attractive. Something to keep in mind when you make your own.


Does not look like the same dress at all. What happened to the pleated drape on the right shoulder that sweeps over to the left? Well, it completely disappeared.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Don't Get It...

What was wrong with this dress?

I was just on Tom and Lorenzo's (Project Rungay) site and read their thoughts and the comments and almost everybody there trashed this dress from season 7, episode 2.

What did you think?

I think I would be lucky to own and wear this dress. It's gorgeous, the colors are sophisticated and classy. This is cocktails after work-wear. The construction is incredible; I mean that neckline is TDF and so very flattering on a small bust. The only thing I didn't like was the exposed zipper but that's the fad these days. I guess the contestants would be voted right off if they dared show individuality and still chose an invisible or (god forbid!) a lapped zipper.

So what's wrong with this dress? Nothing.

Jesus Estrada is cool in my book. Good luck, Jesus!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Tempt Me?

These things are tempting me, but I'll be able to resist them because I don't have the money.

But, cruel.

Yarra Lace, £39.00

This adorable 1950s-inspired wedge in flint grey suede and velvet laces is on sale right now at the Clarks UK site only. It also comes in black and yummy purple suede.

These new Vogue patterns at their newly redesigned website; which I love.

V8629 (no zipper!)

V8640 V8633

Two great vintage-y looks

This is another great vintage-inspired design by DKNY; however, I didn't like the fabric choice on the website, so here's the great pattern sketch.

A Rachel Comey design, she of the great shoes I usually see on the Totokaelo website. I love the details.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Now for Sale at Dragonfly...

This dress is now for sale in my Etsy shop, Dragonfly! If you are currently pregnant or know someone else who is, please pass this along.

Also this little 1960s-inspired top is in the store too.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Quick Diversion

I know I said I was on vacation, but I couldn't go without passing on this bit of news:

After bawling my eyes out* last week watching the rerun showing of Cranford on PBS, I was elated to find out a new chapter to the saga; Return to Cranford, is premiering tomorrow. So if you were a fan of the original I suggest you plop yourself down in front of the TV with some cake and a hot cup of tea. It may or may not be as satisfying as the first one (I vow not to go and check the British reviews) but I'm sure it will still be a great treat.

And again, I'll see you in a bit! :)

*In fact, I believe I cried more this time than during the first viewing.

I'm Taking a Little Break...

Bette Davis' fabulous lace dress in Little Foxes.

Be back soon!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

A New Header For The New Year

Happy New Year!

Yes, I was awake, watching "Away We Go", took a break at 11:59 to toast myself with sparkling grape juice and listen to "Being Alive" (remember?) to coax me into a new attitude for life in 2010.