Saturday, April 17, 2021

KonMari Method Part 4: Continued Komono/Miscellany

I am continuing with decluttering this huge Komono category. These are the categories that took up most of my storage space. It's so good to have these handled. Finally!

Electrical Equipment and Appliances:

Mine no longer looks as good as this one!

My Crosley Traveler CR-49TW turntable had been in storage for five years, and there was nowhere to set it up. I knew better than to store the actual albums outside, so I had stacked them vertically in my room. However, the turntable was out in storage, and when unpacking it, I noticed there was the start of mold on the leather case. Searching the internet, I wiped it down with a diluted alcohol solution outside, then soapy water, and let it air dry. It turned out good as new! 

I had a Dell desktop computer that I hadn't used in five years, but I let it continue to take up valuable desk space. I donated it to Goodwill, along with a Kodak photo printer that I had not used for the same amount of time. I had the long ago busted camera that went with it too! Why did I keep all these things that were of no use to me?

I will be selling the Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 manual camera that I haven't used since my Sophomore year of art school in 1990! Oh, Lisa.

I had accumulated two boxes of mystery cords, old phone chargers (of course, I still had the phones too!), laptop adapters, phone cables, and an old cordless phone. 

CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl Records:

I went through my records, keeping all my new wave and trip-hop records from my high school and college days. I will also evaluate my vintage movie soundtrack albums; if they are in decent condition, they will be cleaned and properly stored.

When looking for album storage ideas, I read this article and am inspired to take care of my albums properly. I haven't clicked Buy Now yet, but I have two combinations of supplies saved; one through Vinyl Storage Solutions and another cobbled together from separate companies on Amazon. Unlike serious collectors, I only have fifty albums and six 45s, so I don't need as much.  I don't expect to buy any more records so finding the right combo is essential. Update: In another storage box, I discovered 14 more 45s that I completely forgot I had!

By the way, I learned four things from my research that I need to do (or buy) for my records: 

  1. I may need to wash my thrifted vinyl and will need to do it correctly.
  2. Brush each disc with a carbon fiber brush before every use.
  3. Store the vinyl records in anti-static liners.
  4. Store the album covers in polypropylene covers.

I rescued all of my CDs and tapes too. I will need to find a way to have them in my room where I'll easily access them for use. I've started a rotating group of CDs and tapes for car travel, so I'll have chances to hear them all. I will have music back in my life!

Household Equipment and Supplies:

The following items have FINALLY left my house:*

  • Dell Dimension 2350 desktop computer, keyboard, and two speakers
  • Microsoft Office XP 2002 software (why was I keeping this?)
  • One unused Westell VersaLink 327W modem
  • One Netgear N300 wireless USB adapter
  • HP Pavilion Entertainment PC laptop and cords (going to a friend in IT for parts)
  • One laptop power adapter
  • Laptop carrying bag
  • Two cameras (Kodak EasyShare C310, Yashica FX-3 Super 2000- to be sold)
  • Kodak Easyshare Series 3 Printer Dock
  • Ziploc bag of dead batteries (saved for proper disposal?)
  • Two phones (Samsung Galaxy Ace Style, LG Cosmos)
  • Three phone chargers
  • Assorted earbuds
  • Three telephone cords
  • Aiwa CA-DW630 portable "boombox" stereo
  • Emerson 13" color television (TC1379) Update: This was too old for Goodwill to take but they offered to dispose of it for me.
  • Samsung DVD-V5500 combo DVD/VCR

Final large Goodwill haul

Final Observation:

This one was deep.

I realized that I was keeping everything that had ever cost me money. In all my years of struggling with financial insecurity, I apparently could not part with anything without first trying to recoup my investment. The plan for most of these was to sell them on Etsy, eBay, or Craigslist. However, I always procrastinated because of the hassle or something else, which created stress, shame, and clutter. Now, I don't even care about that hypothetical money because it feels so better already to let these things go! Honestly, the KonMari process has proved therapeutic. 

Update #2: Two weeks later I found a completely forgotten box of cassette tapes in storage! 

* This detailed list lets me acknowledge the items that had served some purpose in my life in the past. As instructed by the process, I thanked them before I discarded them. Also, having this list means I never have to wonder, "do I still own such-n-such"?