Tuesday, November 30, 2021

So Easy "Element" Top

The first of these simple tops was achieved with a yard of black gauze, a Pinterest pin, some trial n' error, and a very patient woman (me!).

I found this example from mishi2x.com.

My first top started as a simple length of 44"/45" fabric folded, selvage to selvage. I held it up to my body and decided how wide I wanted it to have short sleeves. I estimated an opening for my head, though initially cutting it too small. I enlarged the neckline with a 1/4" hem folded twice; so 1/2" in total. For this first one in black windowpane gauze, I measured and cut directly on the fabric with much trepidation.

The draft work included determining how the cut-on sleeves should be shaped. I choose a 9"-10" vertical opening. At first, I was going to simply sew the sides up to that measurement and leave it at that. However, there was too much bulk.

My inspiration for the shape

I then looked at pattern images and diagrams on Pinterest and cut a shape similar to the Easy Tee from Mishi2x Designs (see above). I started at the hem and cut up at an angle and tapered it about 2" at the armscye.

The pattern piece 

The final garment measurements:

It measures 23.5" long, 13-1/2 sleeve and to center, 11-1/2" wide at the bust line, 13" wide at hip, with 9-1/2" wide neckline (a 1-1/4" drop in back, 2" in front) and 10-1/4" deep armscyes. It turned out perfectly.

Sewn with a 1 /2" seam allowance everywhere, I achieved the following final garment measurements:

52" wide at shoulders, 52" wide at hip, 44" at underarm, 10-1/4" deep armscyes, 23.5" long, with 10" wide neckline (a 1-3/4"2-1/2" drop in back, and 2 -1/2" 3-3/4"  in front.)

After wearing my original make for months, it was time to make more. This time I drew out an actual pattern. I named it Element, and it only takes 1/2 to 2/3 yards. I had a little less than needed for the next two, so the "sleeves" didn't have enough to hang over my shoulder and instead stuck out a bit.


Materials: Galleria Good Nature Bubble gauze in purple gumdrop (100% cotton) and a blue and green watercolor floral textured crepe (100% polyester), both from Joann Fabrics.

These were definitely the heavy workhorses in my wardrobe this summer, and many more will be made in future summers.