Friday, August 24, 2012

12 In Twelve - Handmade Wardrobe Update

It's the eighth month of the year so I should be more than half way done, right?

Well, it depends. If you want to count the original garments I meant to finish, then no.

I had been going on a good run there for a while. Unfortunately, I kept getting sidetracked. Something didn't fit right so instead of being stuck I just moved on to another project and...

I ended up substituting different garments as they caught my eye and like an idiot I have been sewing them all at the same time. One day, a little this, next day, a little of that. Which means it has taken me an awful long time to just finish something. But I have!

As of now, I have completed:

McCall's 4632 Boxy Blouse

Burdastyle Irmchen's Twisted Drape Top

Grainline Studio Scout Woven Tee #31002

Grainline Studio Tiny Pocket Tank #31001

New Look 6939 Shift Dress in Alexander Henry print


Vogue 9772 Swiss Dot Summer Tops

Vogue 9745 Flat Front Pants - November

In the next week I expect to finish one more project, catching me up in this eighth month of the year. After I have completed this entire group of twelve, I will try to add the duster coat, finish the Pastille alterations, the black/white wool dress, and I think that will be it for the year. So what if I didn't do exactly what I set out to do? I have done a lot.

In addition, I also completed two "practically worn every day" necklaces and have nearly finished my first quilt.

Coming up: the posted reviews w/ pictures!

The Fabrics - a reminder

Friday, August 17, 2012

Extra...Extra.... Twisted Coins Quilt Update!

Sorry, for the disappearance, I'm really missing my computer and my digital camera. Had no idea until now how much blogging effects my life. It feels weird not to be photographing things for the blog. Well,...

I had a friend help me out today with their camera. Last night, I finished my quilt top and I wanted a picture to show. The first few ones are crappy phone pics of the piecing work I did first and then the lovely reveal.

Starting on the blocks.

All of the pairs are now laid out, ready to be sewn together to complete three columns of thirteen units each. Luckily, I was able to put together a design where every row across contains three different fabrics even though there were only six different fabrics used in the entire quilt. At the bottom edge of the pictures you can see the white and black dotted fabric I chose for the background. At that point, I was having some doubts about the choice. But I'm glad I didn't change it because....

I love the completed quilt top!!!!
In the next class, we will begin quilting it by machine. My homework is to buy the backing fabric and batting for it. I'm thinking of using the fabric below for the back, but I'm still going to take the top with me and browse the store shelves for other possibilities while I also pick up my paycheck (since it is paying for the materials.)
Gray Lolli Dot by Michael Miller

Update: We were sold out of the Lolli Dot so I chose the Citron Cote d'Azur for the backing fabric instead. The floral used in the quilt is the Gray Cote d'Azur on a dark gray background whereas this one is on white.

Citron Cote d'Azur

Monday, August 06, 2012

My First Quilt

Well, I am finally taking that beginning quilt class offered by my part-time job. The style of quilt I will be doing has changed because I am taking a different session. But this is better because I don't have to go in on Saturdays and then go back and work at the same place the next day. It would feel like I had no weekend at all. This class, tomorrow evening is after my full-time job. I'm more used to that having taken so many night classes over the years.

Twisted Coin Quilt
I will be making a variation on the classic coin quilt which will provide me with some experience in block piecing, sashing, binding, and actual hand/machine quilting.

This is the fabric that inspired the colors I chose.

Though my apartment is made up of strong bright colors, this collection of fabrics, Citron Gray, has intrigued me ever since I started working at the quilt shop. The line is by Michael Miller Fabrics and has proven very popular in the store, we also have a display quilt using these same fabrics. Because of that display, the line has become very popular. I had to quickly make up my mind which fabrics I needed and how much of each so I could buy my fabrics before any of it sold out. Also, to add some graphic variety to my choices I included a graphic black, gray, and white stripe from the Riley Blake Tuxedo collection for something non-spherically based.

Click image to see fabrics larger.

All of the fabrics in the middle of the above image are the ones that I settled on. Not pictured is the dark gray that will be the quilt backing because I might change my mind and buy up the white on dark gray polka dot for that if it starts to look too busy. Also not clear in the picture is a mild light gray print that I couldn't find a larger picture of, it is not just gray. The majority of the quilt, the background, will be the white fabric with the tiny black dots, and the "coins" will be made from those other six little bundles (fat quarters).

This quilt was also a perfect reason to finally buy a rotary cutter and mat, which conveniently I was able to buy with some graduation money. I can't wait to start!