Monday, July 30, 2012

My Sewing Library UPDATED

Almost three years ago, I wrote a post listing all the sewing books that I had at the time. Since then, I have accumulated a few more including some quilting books too.

Posts about some of my other book additions are herehere, and here. In addition, I didn't write about receiving the Colette Sewing Handbook as a birthday present.

Today, I'm writing about the last three garment sewing books that have joined my collection:

Vogue Sewing Book, 1982 edition - My sister bought this for me from a library book sale. It's not as cute and kitschy as other sewing books from the other pattern companies, but it is very comprehensive. I recently used their instructions to create a blanket-stitched thread loop to corral a button on the back of a blouse.

The Perfect Fit: The Classic Guide To Altering Patterns, 2005 (Also published earlier as The Perfect Fit, 1987, as part of the Singer Reference Library*) - This book is very comprehensive and easy to understand with clear pictures and explanations. You may have heard of this book, it is highly recommended by many sewing bloggers. However, when I tried to find my own copy I found it difficult to track down which one they were talking about.

So, in order that you won't have to go through what I did: the book was published twice, once as part of the Singer Reference Library series of sewing instruction books and again separately on its own with no reference to Singer. However, it is the same exact book (see below), they even share the same cover image.

Sewing Pants That Fit, 1989, part of the Singer Reference Library - This one was a bonus when it was advertised on for only .99 cents! I had only meant to buy the book above but how could I resist one specifically on pants, especially since I have FIVE pairs of pants on my To Do sewing list.

Hopefully, I can keep this "sewing book problem" down a bit. I still want the English language versions of all three Drape Drape books but I could settle for access to them through a loan or a library. I have not found a store that carries them. Basically, I would just like to riffle though the actual books myself. Tempted to see if my part-time job would special order them as they have carried a few other Japanese sewing books: Cut-Up Couture, Shape Shape, I Am Cute Dresses, and Simple Modern Sewing.

UPDATE: Just found another printing of The Perfect Fit with a new updated cover, but it still has the same old photos. Basically, if the sewing book is called "The Perfect Fit", it is probably this same book.  

*The Singer Sewing Reference Library - I already own one book from this series of hardcover books so I already knew how clear and concise the instructions would be. I highly recommend this series.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taking A Break

I am having a computer-savvy friend take a look at my AMAZINGLY SLOW MOVING home computer so I decided since I don't have a working camera that I should just take a break from the blog than think each day that I'm going to have something great to write for you to read. So I'll be back in about a week or two?

I will be depending on you guys for my Internet fun and entertainment in the mean while. Love, lisa

Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting Stuff Done...And Blog Bad News

  • One of the sheer Vogue 9722 tops is done, I completed the overblouse.
  • My Alexander Henry print summer shift dress is now done and has been worn out of the house twice.
  • I successfully made a pair of these from $4 Old Navy flip flops. This tutorial from Deliacreates works and they turn out pretty comfortable if you remember to add a inch or so more than you calculate for the part that comes up over your heel.*
  • One pair of T-shirt underwear muslined using Indigorchid's tutorial.  I have a too small Guinness T-shirt from Ireland that would make cute undies, must get some more lingerie elastic.
Bad news?

My camera seems to have died. So, no pictures of the above. : (

*Sorry, there will be no pictures of my feet on the blog. Not that there's anything wrong with them.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Again, With The Craftiness!

Woo hoo! Another piece of jewelry made by me! Next I'll have to do up some earrings to go with these, right?

le voyage creatif necklace
The inspiration:

My version:
 In all its double-tiered glory.

Just a peek at some of my other necklaces.

Next time, I work with these wooden beads I'm going to do something about painting them.

Images:  le voyage creatif, my own photos

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Pro-cras-ti-na-tion is makin' me late...*

Okay, I have a problem and I need help. I can not stop starting additional projects instead of finishing that darn Alexander Henry shift dress.

As of today:
  • I sewed up a muslin of the French Advantages magazine top. The bodice was fine but the sleeve armscye was a mess and the sleeves far too tight.
  • I have cut out both sheer tops in Vogue 9772.
  • Made another wood bead necklace, this time much larger and with two-tiers (photo is forthcoming)
  • I have prepared this free underwear pattern and selected options from my knit scraps.
  • I am tempted to start on my eyelet version of the Scout Tee.
Oh, and before I even started on the dress I had already cut out the bengaline for the Vogue pants! But then the weather got to warm for polyester trousers.

I'm procrastinating on the dress because I have to add a panel of a different fabric to the bottom to make an appropriate length. The A. Henry fabric does not wrinkle easily but the red challis I found for the panel does. I'm also scared about cutting the hem evenly across. I want to double up the challis and use the fold as the bottom of the dress, more like a facing so the base dress really has to be even. Attaching the challis that way will give the challis a bit more body and make it similar to the drape of the cotton print.

So, you can imagine, my living room is a disaster. I need to start ticking off these projects. This weekend is my first in a long time that is two days in a row because I don't work this Sunday. I hope to get some stuff accomplished. Wish me luck.

*Credit to Carly Simon.