Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Coupons ARE magic

If you ever purchase items on the Internet, you need to start using coupon/discount codes. It only takes an Internet search but you will be amazed how much it helps.

I've been wanting a scanner for over a year now and kept putting it off. Last week I checked out Best Buy and found that a pretty good Epson with a regular price $105, was now on sale for $85 ($90 with tax). I decided to see what the best price being offered was by going to Cnet There, I found that Epson itself was offering it with a $40 rebate coupon! Fact: Stores are able to offer rebates because it turns out that most people don't take the time to redeem them. Well, that's NOT me! Score!

When going through the order process, I notice a spot for a discount code and off I go to Goggle again. Using the search terms ["coupon code" Epson] I found a $10 off order of $100 or more coupon. Epson had actually priced the scanner at $99 so I wasn't sure if it would work*, but it did.

Epson makes the rebate more convenient by allowing you to print it off from the site. So as soon as you order, you can stamp, address an envelope, and place it near your front door. The day you receive your package and invoice, you can make a copy (I'll make mine with my new scanner!) and mail it out the same day!

Final price: I was able to purchase an Epson V100 Perfection photo scanner, priced $105 at Best Buy, for $60 at the manufacturers site (after a $10 off coupon and a $40 off rebate).

Don't forget, it pays to take the extra time.

*The last time this worked for me was when buying a black satin cocktail dress at BCBG. It was gorgeous and $200. I had nowhere to wear it at the time but when the saleswoman informed me they had a $100 off order of $200 or more sale, how could I resist? I got the dress half price!

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retailmenot is my first stop for coupons- i've found codes here that no one else has: