Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Queen of "just getting by" is no more

I missed by Enviro-Sci exam this morning.

Normal hour for class is 11 AM. Exam time was 8AM.

I knew this beforehand and the alarm was set.

I woke today at 8:15 AM, alarm was turned off, and a horrible loud droning sound was inside/outside my apartment...street cleaning machine.

Raced to class. Drove around endlessly trying to find parking spot just a few inches bigger to fit my car. No dice.

Walked in. Looked at instructor. Was told no. Walked out.

No excuses being made.

Wait and see.
(Grade update:

Correction: I forgot to mention that our lowest test grades were going to be eliminated, final exam included. So this does not mean immediate failure, just that I lost an opportunity to get a high score and raise my grade. Otherwise, my grade stands as it was before the final.

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Anonymous said...

that totally sucks !~paj