Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wool Crepe for Sale...

I have two lengths of this navy 100% wool crepe that I would like to pass on to a fellow sewist. I bought it more than 15 years ago to make this slinky Ralph Lauren pattern from 1990:

Vogue 2606, view C

Of course, in college I had NO-WHERE to wear it but I was still determined in getting the good stuff for it. I cannot remember what I paid but I bought it at a chi-chi fabric store in Old Town Alexandria along with what I believe is silk lining. My hesitation then was the fact that the crepe was so thin and a bra could not be worn with it. I didn't know about underlining back then. I probably could have gotten away with it then but my now higher BMI means my assets are a little more noticeable now.

The fabric is like new and has been stored away securely for years with no exposure to moths. It is in two separate lengths; 2 and 3/4 yard (98 inches) and a little over 2 yards (75 inches) of 58" wide fabric. The lining is also for grabs, over 3 yards (121 inches) of 30" lining fabric. Let me know if you are interested because I could keep saying that I am going to use it for something else but it’s been over ten years! Its existence is just dragging me down right now.


scb said...

It's beautiful. Wish I wasn't allergic to wool!

Knitosaurus said...

I'm much are you asking? you can email me at thedomina at gmail dot com