Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Me Lucky Charms!

Way back in 2006, I saw this article in a copy of Blueprint magazine and loved the idea of changing my beloved charm bracelet into a necklace. I bought this bracelet on a whim at The Limited one day because I loved the charms that came with it; a tiny Vogue magazine, a high-heeled shoe, sunglasses, purse, and a hand mirror. However, I rarely have time in the morning (sooo not a morning person!) to deal with the clasp on this thing so I never wore it. Even years later, after I acquired some sewing related charms at JoAnns to add to the others I still couldn't get in the habit. Now I don't have to, I just slip it over my head and head out the door. I can't believe it took me this long to finally make this a reality.

Blueprint version and reality

My version in use

I also have a link bracelet and a rhinestone necklace that could be configured like this one by Maegan. Go on and check out her DIY accessory tutorials while you're there!

Next up, I will be changing some of these butterfly clamp clips into something similar to this Samma Study in Balance necklace seen all over the Totokaelo blog:

+ creativity =

I've been playing around with some configurations.

I may or may not dip some of the clips or portions of them in acrylic paint for color. If I was spending any additional money on these projects I would definitely use some of this stuff on them.

And then, how simple can this one be?

Safety pin necklace, $24

I have a lot of little charms that won't go on my existing chains because they're too small to slip over the clasps at the ends, so this solution could work. Perhaps I could also find something less obvious than a safety clip though?

my loose charms

Images: Summer 2006 issue of Blueprint (RIP) magazine, unknown, Maegan,, Urban Outfitters

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Julia said...

How creative!! I have a charm bracelet that I started adding charms to when I was 13 years old. It's in my jewelry box just sitting there. I'm going up to get it out right now!