Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I'm Reading Now...

  1. Fashion: The Century of the Designer, 1900-1999 by Charlotte Seeling

  2. In a Glamorous Fashion: The Fabulous Years of Hollywood Fashion Design by W. Robert La Vine

  3. Couture: an Illustrated History of the Great Paris Designers and Their Creations by Ruth Lynam

  4. Adrian: Silver Screen to Custom Label by Christian Esquevin

  5. Lucien Lelong by Jacqueline Demornex

Luckily, my college has a fashion school, which means that the university library has a more than decent collection of books on fashion. They have a paucity of the latest books, but they have older ones (pre-1990) galore.

My favorite of the five is the first book about fashion designers from the years 1900 to 1999. Not only does the book examine the designers known in each decade but it also contains pieces on the general look, cosmetics, and specific fads worn during each. There is even a day-in-the-life of a model in the early 1960s.

I only regret I didn't have access to the Adrian book when writing his profile for my series at Colette, but I can't wait to go back for more books. I've already searched the card catalog online and chosen my wish list. For some reason, all the good ones have been checked out by fashion majors! The nerve! ; )

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

I think I've already managed to exhaust the DCPL system's meager fashion collection. Jealous of your academic access!