Monday, August 15, 2011

My New Lip Discovery

I don't wear much makeup. In fact, I wore the most makeup when I was in middle school when I was finally allowed to. I remember wearing purple eyeshadow, a look I keep thinking about reviving every few years. Throughout college I was known for my bright red lipstick, unfortunately, negatively because it was always on plastic beer cups/bottles and on my two front teeth. After college, my lipstick colors started toning down, resulting in me wearing a lot of brownish lipsticks that were just a few shades darker than my skin color, like MAC's X-S*, or Dubonnet. However, I have decided that I need to return to the red lips, and you know, act as if I want to be noticed (because I do!)

Looking through Lucky Magazine last month, I noticed an article about a matte lip gloss with staying power. A few days later, I saw a mention of the same product on a blog I read. So, since Lucky was doing a special deal with the company for 35% off, I ordered it. $7 for two tubes of gloss, a pretty great deal, right? Even at it's regular price of $6 each, it's a great deal.

Here are the details and you might even be able to get the same price. The offer is open until supplies run out.

It's NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme. I bought it in two colors, Amsterdam, an orangey-red and Monte Carlo, a more blue-red shade. It goes on just like they say; applies like a creamy gloss but then immediately turns matte. The coverage is really good and it doesn't require it's own separate gloss like other long wearing lipsticks on the market. Most of the time it is right between sticky and dry, and eventually, if you don't reapply, you may need to pat on some lip balm but that's it. Updated: Most importantly, it barely comes off on your cup and the majority of the color made it intact through a few meals. It also has a very slight scent when it goes on, kind of like cupcake frosting (!) but the smell dissipates quickly.

I like it, I just hope they come out with a few more darker shades for the darker ladies.


Antoinette said...

JUST TODAY I asked my flawless makeup friend to recommend a red lipstick that worked for all women, regardless of skin tone (Russian Red by MAC was her recommendation.). Thanks for the detailed description of how it feels to wear it -- since I also don't wear makeup it is always an odd sensation to be aware of something on my face..... Might take advantage of that Lucky deal.

ATG said...

That is so funny because I've been thinking of trying a red lipstick to emphasis my casper the friendly ghost :)