Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fashion In Film: The Muppets (2011)

Director: James Bobin
Jason Segal, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper
Costume Designer: Rahil Afiley

A nice simple cotton dress with a few interesting details, the ruching on the outer sides of the princess seams, two identical bows at neckline center, and the wide and lovely purple suede? belt

Now, this dress has some spice to it. Check out the wild almost Ikat print of turquoise and green; the matching belt, and those massive tulip sleeves. Note that the neckline and sleeve hems are bound with self-fabric binding.

Here is a sweet blouse and skirt combination. I love the pin-tucked front with the white porcelain-like buttons and that full skirt with the painted on or embroidered floral design. Hey, isn't that the same purple belt? Yes, and it matches the skirt perfectly! It also makes story sense as the character was on a week's vacation. If you notice in the film, she also wears the same style shoes, the Jig in different colors. (sorry, already sold out!)
Jig by Seychelle Shoes

This little number only has about 4 seconds of screen time but the photos show it to be something special. An all-over eyelet fabric lain over a red fabric which gives the dress an icing pink tint from a distance. I notice that the Colette Ceylon dress is somewhat similar to this style if you wish to replicate Mary's dress.

Now this blouse is my favorite, not because of the style but because of that wild semi-floral print and the sweet translucent mint green buttons. It looks like a Japanese double gauze, doesn't it? Perhaps Nani Iro? If it isn't vintage it might not be so hard to find. In fact, later in the film she wears a top that I actually tried on (and photographed!) in Anthropologie a few seasons ago.

Poster image, on display at the ArcLights Sherman Oaks cinema

This outfit only appears on the poster and not in the movie but it's so cute I had to look it up too. The poster doesn't show the skirt but I found a picture of the costume on display. I love the mix of prints, stylized red hearts on white and soaring black birds on red brocade satin. Also, notice the quilted matching belt? The blouse has a ruffled button placket and Bishop sleeves. The entire outfit is very Prada (or Miu Miu), isn't it?

The best dress! Unfortunately, this one also isn't in the movie but only on one of the many parody posters that Disney did. This harvest orange/red brocade with golden ochre flowers is probably vintage. Note the crisp knife pleats at the front of the skirt only and the double bow waist decoration in lieu of a belt. This is the second time that one of the costumes has had two parallel bows placed together...and I like it.

Images: Disney Pictures, Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props


Debi said...

I must see this movie! I really love that last dress!

neighbourhood.gal said...

Hahaha! I noticed those tulip sleeves and the dress from the theatre clean-up scene and thought of Colette and Oliver + S.
She had a cute little wardrobe.

ATG said...

I love the red/orange one!

Anonymous said...

I love the second and last dress :)

Anna Christina said...

I just love it when you post about dresses from movies! I have such a hard time paying attention to movies, plays, and musicals when the costumes are fun. I usually have to go back and see them again. The musical Aida is still one of my favorite costume distractions.