Thursday, August 01, 2013

Sewing Status Report: August

Rest assured, sewing has been fits and starts.

There has been one completed make but that was a month ago and I've been wearing it weekly. So yes, I did have a "July" project. Unfortunately, it seems my camera that fits my tripod has "given up the ghost", "bit the dust", and "bought a farm" and just won't work anymore. The photo at left is an example of what my phone is capable of after a lot of editing. Let us call it "artistic." Hopefully, I'll get pictures sooner than later because I'm now halfway through two more items: a pair of plaid summer shorts using an old but highly reviewed Vogue pattern and a new, funky skirt from a new indie company! I'll let you know who when I get the all clear.

There are two more definite summer projects (incl. another Scout!) to complete but that depends on how long summer lasts this year as they may be scrapped for fall pants. I truly need fall pants and luckily I already have everything I need since they were all on my list last year. Of course that also means muslins and more muslins. I will be cutting them all to shorts length to save fabric as I need stretch wovens for these and I only have so much that isn't final project fabric.

Other happenings in my world:
  • After all this time, I have just become a Doctor Who fan thanks to Netflix having six whole seasons available. After that, on to Torchwood!
  • I've been accumulating more and more sewing blogs for my Bloglovin' queue. A scary amount.
  • Became pretty addicted to Lula Louise's DIY fashion posts.
  • Positively loving the new direction of the last three issues of Vogue Patterns magazine. The beautifully designed Master Instruction and Couture Corner columns, as well as the more creative renditions of their own patterns are amazing. They are giving off a real Threads + Selvedge feel (without the specificity of Selvedge).
  • I conducted an inventory of all the handmade items in my wardrobe, well, the ones that I still wear. It might not be that interesting to you but for archive purposes I will post it here soon. Without really doing it on purpose it was strange how so many things coordinated with each other.
  • For the last two years, I've had a strong desire for a lavender dress and Daisy's dress in this post cinched it. As someone that doesn't like to wear pastels, outside of blue, this is a strange request. So on the periphery, I am looking for delicate but not too froofy* (to cut the sweetness), dress patterns for consideration.
Hope to be back here with some reviews very soon! *Frou Frou plus poofy.


Gail said...

Oh boy - now you've got me stuck on Lula Louise too! Thanks! My reader has been growing too . . .

Sorry to hear about your camera/tripod troubles. Hope you get them sorted soon so we can see your makes!

And I think lavender would look really nice on you!

Ina said...