Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mad Men: Pretty Peggy-O, Part 2

I'm fessing up!

It has always been Peggy, NOT Joan, Betty, or Megan who has been my fashion muse on Mad Men.

I know!

I have never been a fan of Betty's "too perfect to muss up" look. Joan has had many an outfit that I've loved but the majority would not be comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Megan is too much of a poseur to me. Just notice how different her at-home look (comfy sweaters and Capris) is from her "when seen by others" looks when everything is amplified and false (as in hair, eyelashes, and rhinestones). Oh, no.

Ms. Peggy Olson is more of a "what you see is what you get" girl. Well, except for that time she spent teasing Ted Chaough in her peek-a-boo black and hot pink chiffon mini-dress. I personally thought that outfit looked more like a negligee and not her best look.

While I am also not a fan of her plaid and knee sock schoolgirl looks, when she is in her career woman togs I can definitely follow her lead. Here are some recent favorites, with a few outfits from this past half-season of Mad Men:

Season Six

S6, Ep 5
S6, Ep 9
I love the mix of red polka-dots and stripes with white, especially combined with the black skirt.

S6, Ep 10
True corporate in green linen, mitered black trim, covered buttons, and matching dress.

 Season Seven - Part 1

S7, Ep 3 - Field Trip

This green double knit dress with decorative trimming has actually inspired an item in my future wardrobe. You will hear and see more about it in the coming months.

S7, Ep 4 - The Monolith

This fabric is amazing! Where, oh where can I find a print like this one now?

S7, Ep 4 - The Monolith

Loving this dress, the colors are so perfect that they match her office!

 S7, Ep 6 - The Strategy

This is my favorite Peggy outfit of all time. I would wear this tomorrow in a heartbeat. All that parallel top stitching on the top and skirt. Simply lovely.

I can't wait to see what is coming in the second half of the final season. Just a year to go. Since they're filming right now, costume designer Janie Bryant must be stressing out at leaving this job behind. When will she next get to work on such an influential period costume drama again?
Images: AMC via Tom and Lorenzo.

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Gail said...

I've never been able to get into this show, but I sure do love seeing pix of the actors in costume! Such fantastic costuming, and I agree with you that this character has the best ones!