Saturday, July 12, 2014

More TV...And A Confession

Here's a (not-so) secret about me...

I like pretty things and pretty people.

Shocking right!?

Well, I also love PBS and almost any British production the network airs. However, one show I didn't watch, let alone even give a chance, was Inspector Morse. The story of a lonely police inspector solving murder cases in England did not appeal to me and I am a die hard Hercule Poirot fan from age 12. Curious.

A few years ago, I did start watching Inspector Lewis (it's successor) and loved it. I now suspect that was because of dishy Laurence Fox (whose father, Edward, I had a crush on in his younger days) I guess I am shallow like that. Despite that, when Endeavour, the back-story and early life of  the same Inspector Morse aired last year I still wasn't interested, no offense to actor Shaun Evans' good looks.

Last Sunday, I sat down and watched my first Endeavour episode (the new series is airing on PBS channels nationally now, check at to see airing times in your area) when it followed Last Tango in Halifax (check it out too if you can!) and found myself intrigued. I became truly hooked; however, in the second half when stunning Black nurse Monica (Shvorne Marks) from across the hall arrived on the scene. The possibility of an interacial relationship between the two of them in 1966 Oxford England ramped my interest up sky high. I'm now officially along for the ride. Strangely, actor Shaun Evans also became twice as attractive instantly! Hmmm, interesting...

Another show worth checking out:

Tyrant on FX - it is only on it's third episode but I like the story and the pacing. It is the story of the Americanized son of a dictatorial ruler of a small country who finds himself (and his very American family) pulled back into the family business and must get his hands dirty.

Update: I know I mention a lot of the British TV productions I watch, but I keep forgetting to mention the helpful website The British TV Place, which keeps me up-to-date on what British (and Australian, Swedish, etc.) productions can be viewed online or on TV by American viewers. Please check them out, they do an awesome job tracking down all the possible viewing sources.


Gail said...

Laurence Fox . . . sigh!!!! A big part of my obsession with Lewis!!

I've watched all the Endeavour episodes Netflix had, and I don't remember this one, so I'm wondering (hoping!) if there are some new ones I haven't seen. I did love all the '60s clothes in the series.

I've loved and watched all the phases of this show: Lewis, Morse and Endeavour. Love them all!

Anne At Large said...

Have you checked out Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries? Great characters and I am ADORING the costumes...

lsaspacey said...

Gail, this is the brand new series and they are airing on TV right now and available online on at the link in the post!

I have not yet, but I want to! I gave up Netflix so i'll see if I can access them somewhere else.

Rose said...

Thank you for the suggestions--I'll have to add them to my queue.

Rose in SV