Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Amazing Gifts From Allie J.

What's the best thing you could imagine getting in the mail when you are at home sick? How about a surprise package of patterns, notions, and fabric? Perfect, right?

Well, that's what I received last week!

Last month, I was selected for a mystery giveaway from Allie J. who was celebrating her blog reaching 250 followers. I wasn't expecting it and definitely wasn't expecting how much or how great the contents would be. Thank you, Allie!

Allie's sewing blog highlights her love of vintage influenced clothing which she constructs from her own collection of vintage patterns. If you want a treat, definitely go and check out her lovely handmade wedding dress, especially if you like or love the color pink!

Simplicity 7087 & Butterick 4799

After a morning of doctor appointments and more errands than you would ever want to do on a cold rainy day when you can hardly breathe without a hot mug of tea under your nose, this package was the perfect thing! Opening up the package, I was shocked to pull out five patterns (two vintage and the rest modern) with one so current it's from the spring Lisette release and was the exact same one I was contemplating buying myself. Not because I didn't want it but because I was feeling guilty about my pattern stash and...well, now I can own it guilt-free!

Simplicity 1168, Butterick 6182, Butterick 5249

Included with those were also a pack of Microtex machine needles, a needle threader, and a pack of general use sewing needles (I love hand sewing!).

However, the pièce de résistance is the large remnant of black scuba fabric that she packed in the box. I have been hearing about the stuff but without a planned project I probably would not have bought myself. It is hopefully enough to make a cool pieced black pencil skirt (Simplicity 1283, a pattern I had just bought for another fabric already in my stash) which will be so warm and cozy with my over-the-knee leather boots from last winter.

Thank you again, Allie J.!

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allie J. said...

You are very welcome! I have a big pattern stash and it was a pleasure trawling through to find some things I thought you might enjoy. Happy to hear about the lisette pattern!