Tuesday, June 18, 2024

First Steps in Home Decor

My condominium has been stuck in the 1980s. That was fine because I didn't have to deal with any prior owner "upgrades" I disagreed with. I liked the majority of the wood trim and could live with the hollow core doors (with some future changes), but there were things I needed to change for it to feel like me:

The Goals

No wallpaper border in the primary bedroom - remove and repaint - DONE

No brass door knobs - change out to sleek matte black - PURCHASED

No half melamine/half wood cabinets - paint them a solid color

No bent vinyl blinds - either curtains or roller shades

No wooden bathroom accessories (including the toilet seat!) - change them out

No messy paint job on the loft stairs - use a straight edge, maybe a stencil

No patterned globe bulbs in the bathroom light fixture - frosted globes or ribbed glass

These are my marching orders. 

The Plan


 Painted, part 1

  • I plan to create a border of a different type. After painting the walls, (Behr Establish Mint in eggshell at 50%) to replicate my inspiration pic, I'll tape off the wall using the straight bottom edge of the border and paint the top 5 inches of the wall a crisp border of white paint. A fresh coat of white on the ceiling will wait until later.
  • I immediately bought new matte black doorknobs with one of the Big Box home store gift cards from my realtor. (Kwikset Cove and Casey styles in matte black)
  • I copied from the family home bathroom by using the same leftover paint for these bathroom cabinets (Behr Coco Malt in satin.)

  • The blinds will stay until I decide what to do. If I got curtains now, they'll probably be white, but if I wait, maybe a color scheme or patterned fabric will come to me. I have found these green linen drapes that seem that they would work with the green of the sofa. The color is cilantro (which tastes like soap to me) but I won't hold that against them if they work.
  • I am changing the wooden bathroom hardware using the same basic set we used in the family home en-suite bathroom (Lowes Project Source set in Seton) but in brushed nickel, not chrome, to match the sink faucet.

  • I will use a straight edge and leftover door paint to clean up the black edge of the stair treads, but I might also try using a stencil on the risers.

  • The floral etched globes came from Lowes. They do have them in a solid white and a clear ribbed glass version. I might change them one day, but for now, it is okay. Another option is spraying these bulbs solid white.
More to come later.


linda said...

I think your ideas are perfect.. will look fresh, and still flexible enough, that you can add or subtract as you desire!

Lsaspacey said...

Yes, thank you. That's the idea, I've been dreaming of my ideal home for years, but now I need to adapt to its reality. So, I will give it the time to evolve.