Monday, April 24, 2006

Yes, I haven't talked about school lately, but everything is fine.

It was just a bit hectic these last two weeks, registering for my summer and fall semesters. I am going to attempt two classes this summer, one in the first half (5 wks) and another in the last half (5 wks) That will give me 6 credits right there.

Then in the fall I will go back to one night class. While I loved attending class in the daytime, I did not like the schedule with my job. (My idea, of course, no one else is to blame.)

I would go into work for an hour/hour and a half, go to class, come back to finish the work day + make up the time used for my travel to and from class. So after living this crazy schedule during the summer, I will take classes before and after work from now on.

Here are some pictures of my campus. VCU alum beware, I will be showing pictures of the dining hall that required the destruction of our dear, dear, Shafer Court.

For those of you that did not attend our li'l university, Shafer Court was the social hub of the school, it's heart. Situated in front of the cafeteria and next to the library, almost everyone would pass through this area...and stop.

It was also the site of our great free Friday concerts. They'd pull in the beer truck, rope the area off, and it would be great. If you didn't like the band that week you would still show up, if only to see and be seen, or to find out what parties were happening later that night. We had some great bands play there, from local favorites to national acts: House of Freaks, Fugazi, GWAR, and Red Hot Chili Peppers right when they hit it big. (Anthony K. went to high school with one of the girls on the committee, or something like that. I knew her roommate, I just don't remember the details.)

When I came back to school and saw that it was gone, I felt outraged. I had been receiving all this alumni mail, but not one mentioned it.

"Oh by the way, we are destroying the one place that holds the best memories of your time at our school, and we still need your donations to help pay for us to demolish even more memories."

Here is the new dorm that they put up next to the one where I lived freshman year. I have fond memories of that dorm. For one, I am still friends with my first ever roommate. She's a great gal, talented, with great taste in music, and an even cooler sense of style. Who knows who I would be if I did not meet her then. Thank you, Sandster! (an early shoutout for your upcoming B-day)

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Vincent said...

Schafer Court still lives!

(whoa how did the blog know my name)