Sunday, July 02, 2006

Robbie Fulks, alt-country god.

I love this guy!

A friend* introduced me to his music. We saw him at this utterly cool smoke-free (!!!!) venue in VA, Ashland Coffee & Tea and well...I developed me a little crush.

He's funny (ha-ha funny), goofy-looking, in need of a good meal, full of spastic energy (hence the skinniness) and his voice is amazing. And even though he has to be in his forties, sometimes he looks like a smart-aleck kid in pants too big for him.

Known as an alt-country musician, Robbie takes good ole country music (similar to the song stylin's of Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, and Patsy Cline) and mixes them up with skewed hilarious or overly kitsch lyrics.

Sample song titles:

Sleepin' On The Job Of Love
I Push Right Over
We'll Burn Together
Tears Only Run One Way
She Took A Lot of Pills (& Died)

You won't find soundbytes on his site; you'll have to go somewhere else for those, but if you check out the lyrics section you can find fan cover versions of his songs. Definitely check out the lyrics to Let's Kill Saturday Night for five different takes on that song and the lyrics of She Took A Lot Of Pills (& Died) for an instrumental version.

* Thanks, Rick!

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