Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yes, I bought even more fabric...

I found out that the Hancock Fabric's on Midlothian Turnpike had more of the now discontinued Laurie Smith Collection on sale. (Thank you Helen!) So of course, I had to buy the missing pieces.

I bought enough of these two on the left to make the bolster(s) for the sofa. I'm not so sure about the Denyse Schmidt now because it is such a small-scale print. I didn't realize until I got the dark green print home that it was the outdoor weight and not the upholstery weight.

So, I think I will use it for the door draft stoppers instead, which is what Not Martha did with the orange print. Yesterday, I also bought some aquarium stones to weigh them down.

So the choice is now between the chartreuse and the print for the bolsters on the purple couch.

For some reason in this picture, the couch is true-to-life color but not the fabrics. See pic at top for real color representation of the bolster fabrics. Of course, there is also the possibility of using them back to back for versatility.

I also picked up 1 1/2 yards of this great tablecloth vinyl to make my sewing machine cover. I just became impatient waiting to find just the right print in oilcloth.

Okay, so no more fabric for a while. But the sale was so good that I bought all of this, a Vintage Vogue dress pattern on sale, and enough fabric for quite a few holiday gifts for under $25 dollars!


Rubyblackbird said...

Hey Lisa,
I DO know you! I recall looking at your profile and noting that we have quite a few favorite movies and bands in common. No wonder that we both enjoyed the recent Bond film. Feel free to fling any recommendations my way.
Are bolsters those cylindrical pillows that go near the arms of the couch? Not able to see the rest of your decor, I'd go with the diamond/flower pattern (has a bit more yellow, which you seem to like, judging from the sewing machine cover). Will there be covered buttons or tassels hanging off the ends? I'm excessively fond of tassels these days...

lsaspacey said...

Yeah that's what bolsters are except mine are going to be along the back of the couch. I decided to go with both fabrics, the diamond print on one side and the nubby fabric on the other so I can flip them over for a different look. I hadn't thought of tassels but that would be swank. thanks