Sunday, January 07, 2007

The not-so-little Schoolgirl

1. I ordered my textbooks and instead of buying through the school's bookstore I ordered them through Alibris, and saved $79!

2. I finalized my schedule:

Environmental Science and its required Lab will complete my laboratory science requirement

Aesthetics and Modern Theories of Art will complete my Aesthetics or Criticism requirement

African and Oceanic Art will be 1 of the 2 classes needed for the Non-Western art component

After these three classes I only need 3 more general History classes and 4 more Art History classes:
  • One Art History elective ( hopefully it can be Historical Preservation & Architectural History if taught by another instructor than this evil little man.)
  • One in Prehistoric, Ancient, Classical or Medieval art
  • Two in Renaissance and Baroque (24th-28th Century Europe and the Americas)
  • One other class in the Non-Western art category (Africa, Asia, Oceania, Islamic, Pre-Columbian, or Native American)
* It seems these last three categories are the ones that are hard to get because they rarely have the faculty to teach these, so you have to grab them when you can.*

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