Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Sewing fool am I

I have actually been sewing clothes. After a long procrastination period, I am finishing up projects I started long ago.

First, this dress, the "Target" McCall's 5042, is officially done. There were a few fitting problems* but they were my fault since I lost a lot of weight this summer. The cause was probably stress. A new job will hopefully remedy that. And in the meantime, I will be buying a petticoat to puff it up a bit and maybe a belt will help too?

Do you notice the matching wristlet bag? I probably will only wear them together when I'm feeling really kitschy, however, I do have enough fabric for a headband.

I am working on this retro pattern from 1966, McCall's 8251. It just needs to be hemmed. I looked forward to making this pattern thinking it was simple and I could whip out dresses and tops all summer long. However, I'm having fitting problems with this. It just seems so big. The sleeves were way longer than pictured and I had to cut off 2 inches. After easing the sleeves in, they are actually puffy. The boatneck is just too wide. If I have to I will use a broach to pin a pleat at the throat. I promise next time I sew anything where fit is a major part of its design, I will make a muslin. I'm just an impatient sewer.

front back

For a refreshingly quick project, I followed this tutorial I saw on Whipup and made a cute pencil skirt out of a pair of pants that no longer fit my individual thighs. Now it fits perfectly and you would never know it was once a pair of creased pants. I wish I had taken a before shot and I can't find the identical black pair that I thought I still had.

*You can't see how I have no waist because of my ace modeling job.
**See my new shoes above? They're Crocs...yes, Crocs. These are the Alice maryjanes and I love them!


Cherie said...

Hi, just had to say I love your dress!! And that little wristlet - TDF!

The other top - it seems that the pieces are too wide for your body, try some flat pattern measuring and then yourself from armpit to armpit - not over the boobs, just straight across with a straight ruler. You are tiny!

Claire said...

Absolutely love that dress! So cute!

loopylulu said...

The dress is great. So springy and happy, hopefully you have some moments to wear it before winter hits.

lsaspacey said...

Cherie, you are right. I was about to hem it today, but I think I'm going to take it apart, take in the sides, and trim the armholes. Maybe the sleeves will fit better. Ugghh, not looking forward to this, but at least I'll wear it.