Thursday, October 11, 2007

What am I thankful for?

A week ago, GoGoAbigail tagged me along with 3 other blogs; to list things we are thankful for. Unfortunately, she caught me at very low point and I was finding that list extremely hard to come up with. I had no problem being thankful for my friends, especially being thankful that the three friends who were pregnant have now all delivered healthy full-term babies. In fact, extremely thankful for that!

But to find things in MY life to be thankful for, I didn't want to acknowledge those things or even try to think about them.

I wanted to keep feeling sorry for myself and think about what I DON'T have instead. Isn't that horrible how sometimes when you are low, it's hard to let go of the feeling, and it seems easier to wallow in your own pity. You avoid your friends and do not tell the ones you do see that anything is wrong. Hey, they might try to cheer you up and you do not want that! So you find yourself one night watching some movie and crying more than when you saw the movie the first time. So, today I'm starting to get over myself and I think I might take a stab at that list right now.

I am thankful for...

  • my friends, some here in Richmond, others all over the US, and one entire family in Italy.
  • my health (unfortunately, I need to take much, much better care of myself)
  • the continued health of my family members
  • my education and inherited intelligence
  • my vast imagination, which usually helps me through the really bad stuff
  • my access to the Internet, an easily accessible way to experience what is out there in the world that I would not know otherwise. Sad but true.
  • my diminished but still continuing belief that Things Will Work Out.
Hopefully, I will continue to come up with more...


MissEm said...

I'm in a funk lately, too. Your post helped :) The song "One Crowded Hour" by Augie March also helps.

lsaspacey said...

Wow, I'm surprised. Your life always seems so perfect. The descriptions of your weekends are exactly what I want one day but I have a hard time thinking they're attainable for me.

Thanks for the song suggestion.