Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The truest words...

Yes, another wedding. This one was featured on Offbeat Bride, a site I love and suggest everyone check out at least once when planning a wedding.

This wedding cost only $1,000 and of course it might not be everyone's idea of their "dream" wedding. I know that I would want to add a few more things myself, but I hope that I could still say and mean what Jessica, the bride said:

"Too many people get caught up in the 'stuff' of a wedding and forget that it’s about the relationship and commitment. Having spent under $1,000, we’re just as married as a couple that spent $30,000."

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drwende said...

Love that wedding!

Back when I was an online wedding etiquette columnist, my philosophy was always that the only things you NEED are two people who want to get married, appropriate legal form, and something for the guests to eat (since I come from one or more of those ethnic traditions where no rite of passage is valid until everyone's fed).