Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yup, I bought them both!

Surprised? I started my research on buying shoes a few days ago and I have already bought them? Not my usual way to do things at all; but like I said, these things looked and felt SO good.

My new flats: the Born Luisa in black leather
My new mary-jane heels: the Clarks Rhea in black

So easy. So done.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Two pairs of new shoes!

I've got quite a crush on that Born Luisa - fighting the temptation to spend money I don't have :)

scb said...

Well done! When you've found the right shoes, there's no point in continuing the search... that's something I'm working on. I either keep looking and looking and wear myself out, and then go back and get something I tried on several stores ago (or they aren't there in my size anymore) OR I settle for something, anything, rather than doing the run around, and I end up not being able to wear what I've settled for because they don't work after all.

You found the happy medium between those extremes, and you've got two rockin' pairs of shoes! Yay you!

drwende said...

Yay, shoes!

You had so many good options... it was TIME TO BUY.