Friday, April 03, 2009

Update to Misc.

The Wee Wonderful animals have been completed along with the baby booties made from this tutorial. Since the photo, the blue kitty has received her own pair of navy blue mary-janes.

The mammogram went well (but...OUCH!) and the dance classes are still really great.

I will try to take pictures of the gray skirt and finish the Anda dress this weekend.

The NY & Co twist-tie dress (in motion at the baby shower buffet) got tons of compliments! It is now on sale for $25 at the stores, if you're interested. I was amazed how many were still on the racks.

And this week, using another great coupon, I finally purchased the NY & Co textured cardigan in stone gray for $19 along with a coordinating knit top (similar pattern and colors as the dress above) for $15. I told you I love that store!


Marcy said...

I'm somewhat new to this blog; where do you shop in Richmond for clothes? Are there nice plus-size shops you can recommend (if you know of any) that sell cool and funky stuff that don't make big girls look "matronly"?

lsaspacey said...

Unfortunately, the only plus-size store I know of in town is Lane Bryant and I haven't checked out what their clothes look like this season. If you are willing to take a chance on ordering online or traveling a bit, I would suggest you check out the archived fashion posts and links on Amber's site My Aim is True. She is in VA Beach and truly has a fun and funky style. She is also starting to make her own clothes.

Antoinette said...

Great little wee wonderful, sweet sweater, perfect dress, and you are just adorable! I think that's the only other photo of you I've seen besides your profile photo.

Do you think you'll get the dress in another print? It fits you so very well!

lsaspacey said...

Thanks! They only had the dress in that one print. They used to bring back popular designs in different fabrics so it's a possibility. However, it's a very memorable design.