Thursday, July 08, 2010

Summer To Sew

Feel the need for some summer sewing?

Well, then check out some of these season appropriate patterns available at my Etsy shop, Dragonfly Metamorphpursuit:
Vogue 1723

How about this pattern by Ralph Lauren? Easy breezy skirts and full-legged pants in a tissue faille or crepe de chine as the pattern suggests, though I would probably go with a drapey rayon.

A perfect Asian inspired warbrobe made in linen? I have to admit I hate ironing so a little poly blending in that fabric would be a very good thing.

Another great summer wardrobe is to be had in this design by Adri, available in sizes 8-10-12. Makes you feel cool just looking at it, right?

Vogue 2112 by Issac Mizrahi would be pretty cool (and cool) wouldn't it? Available in sizes 8-10-12. I love that little dress with the split neckline, in fact, I have a tried n' true pattern for a similar one. So this one is available to you for only $5!

Last but not least,

Simplicity 7538 - Simplicity 6672

Seems familiar right? I think it must have come out at the same time as this Internet favorite, Simplicity 6672 . Don't you think so? However, 7538 is unique and rare on the Web, a size 8 and is only $2!

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saintpudalia said...

Yow! I made that Vogue 1723 -- the pants -- a jillion times back when it first came out. It is a fantastic pattern! You can really slim it up by making the waistband really wide. Enjoy!