Friday, July 23, 2010


Well, this week I visited both Hancock Fabrics and Jo-Anns to drop off applications for part-time work (yup, I live dangerously) and took the time to peruse their fall offerings.

Hancock had some rayon challis prints, nothing spectacular but it made me notice I hardly ever see this fabric anymore. In high school, most of my sewing was with challis and I loved it for long skirts with just a bit of structure and lots of flow. In the fall, there were always some incredible prints in fall colors. I wore a lot of rust, brown, and cream back then.

Also did you know that Hancock carries an entire John Deere collection of cotton, fleece, and flannel prints? Um, yeah.

Gray-Red, Larkspur brushed plaids - English Accent collection

Grey-Brown, Purple-Black, and Black-Grey-Blue brushed plaids British Frenzy collection

At Jo-Ann's I fell in love again. They have two new collection of plaids, houndstooths, and tartans called British Frenzy and English Accent that are just lovely. I would want skirts, shawls (and I don't even wear shawls!) jackets, and maybe if I were feeling frisky, a pair of plaid cigarette pants.

Oh my, what the wardrobe I would have if I ever had the money, time, or motivation. Some day, some day...

Images: My own photo (from high school), Jo-Ann Fabrics

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Tasia said...

That's a great picture of you from high school!
Thanks for the suggestion the other day about the vintage patterns wiki. I uploaded my pattern (sort of) and someone else fixed it so it's there now.
Good luck with the job search, too. I hope it all works out for you!