Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sewing and Draping Classes in Richmond, VA

A year ago, I wrote about a draping class that was being offered at our local community art center, the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. Well, this coming Winter/Spring semester has a few more incredible sewing/fiber arts classes available. Lucky for me I have already been volunteering for them so I am eligible for a discount off the class price. Check these two out (there are more here)!

Beginning Pattern Making & Drafting

Can’t find generic clothing patterns at stores in Richmond that fulfill your needs? Want to make your own clothing patterns from your own designs with your own personal measurements? This class teaches beginning pattern makers how to make the basic “sloper” pattern from your own personal measurements. The sloper is then manipulated to create any clothing design. Students will leave at the end of class with their personal slopers, a muslin mock-up to insure fit, the patterns they draft from those, and a simple sewn garment if time allows. Sewing skills are a requirement due to the amount of information learned.

Dress Forms 101: Pattern Drafting & Draping - Intermediate/Advanced

In this class students will learn the basics of flat designing and draping (the oldest design method) and the interaction of the two through construction techniques. Students will learn how to take personal measurements for drafting accurate patterns and how to adjust industry patterns and for personal fit. Students will construct one garment from a foundation pattern and use the dress form to support proper fitting. Although this is a technical class, demonstrations will help students convert techniques for quick and easy sewing in and out of the classroom. Students will be introduced to tools of the trade for drafting and draping and discussions will include how to “pad-out” the dress form for personal fit. Fashion design and textile usage will also be reviewed.

The prices range from $180 for eight 2 1/2 hour-long sessions to $220 for ten 2 1/2 hour-long classes. That makes the price per session only $18 to $22. Very doable. The original draping class from last year(which I couldn't afford at the time) was $140 has now increased to $180 but it would be worth it, right?

So, if you are in or near enough to Richmond, please sign yourself up for one of these classes. I'll be sitting them out this semester because I'll be taking two night classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays already. However, if no one signs up for these they might not be offered when I CAN take them.


Rita said...

Ooo color me very very jealous. Just the type of classes I have been looking for. Alas........

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Oooh, wish I was close enough to take them!

Audrey said...

I took a Draping class at the Visual Arts Center last fall. The instructor was knowledgable and experienced in the subject, but she had serious organizational and teaching issues. I am glad that the VAC has decided to continue offering similar classes, but taught by other instructors.

Betty said...

I am an advance seamstress/tailor, now mostly retired but doing some sewing for a d├ęcor shop. (windows/boards) I can do basics, but this lady is always wanting me to "make my own patterns" and copy pictures...etc... I can't. I keep telling her, you have to have a pattern, know how to make those curves, you can't just "manipulate" the fabric with your hands as she says... lol It's getting quite stressful for me and I'm about ready to just "quit" it all together... Any advice? Anyone out there know how to just copy window treatments? I'm finding the most simple ones, that have flares, hand in folds..etc are much harder than they look I wish I knew someone who could do this and this woman would be able to just sub the work out to them!


Does anyone know a class for patterns in Richmond, VA?