Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fall Wardrobe Progress Report

I'm done with my muslin of the McCall's 4052 bodice. Though I'm made this dress before, I always though the shoulder and bust area of that one was too loose. So this time I cut the bodice pieces as a size 10 and tapered the side pieces out to a 14 at the waistline. Yep, a difference of two sizes, but it fits perfectly now. I have to figure how to work with this plaid on the six separate princess bodice pieces. I'd like to play with the bias but I'm scared how that might effect the fit. I'm thinking only the middle pieces on the bias and matching the side pieces (on grain) at the side seams. Any advice? Any images that you can direct me to on what I can do with the plaid?

Before I start on the final version of that dress I am first going to do a muslin of the bodice on McCall's 5686. I'm scared that the neckline might be too wide for my shoulders. So then, once I fix any kinks there I can cut out both dresses, finish up one dress, and then immediately move on to the other. Or, at least that's the plan.

However, the very first finished project out of the pack will be a wearable muslin (I hope!) of the Butterick 5429 twist top. I'll be using my wonderful polka-dot gift from Kyle since I want to make these in knits instead of wovens. I think I might make the short sleeve one as I think the long sleeves might be too much polka-dotted goodness on me. So, woo hoo for me, using up some of my stash!


Julia said...

I think the bias for the middle section would be a great idea. I would do the sides on the grain though. It would be very hard to match the plaid on the seams down the front sides with the darts, curves, etc.... On the bias would look really good though.

lsaspacey said...

Oh exactly, that's what I meant, just the center portions of the front and back (w/ zipper) on the bias.

Kyle said...

Wow, go you for getting two garments out of the polka fabric!! Can't wait to see the top.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Bias is a cute detail, and as a bonus saves you from a little bit of plaid matching! Plaid matching is from the devil. The cutting/sewing part, I mean.