Friday, October 29, 2010

What That Fabric Is For


This fabric is destined for a possible fall wardrobe plan consisting of a duster jacket, two retro dresses, and a semi-peasant blouse. The first three fabrics were purchased recently for only $32 dollars! Even at that low a price I still felt guilty. Go figure. The red fabric is not in that total because it was bought over two years ago, so IF it does finally get made into something I'll consider it free. In fact I already used some of it a few years ago to make a red skirt from a TNT pattern so it's cost per wear is low to begin with.

We will see how this wardrobe plan goes because I still have to finish a dress from last year's plan and a top from spring (hopefully this weekend). After that, or at the same time, the next thing I am going to do is follow the steps in my Cal Patch book and make myself some knit t-shirts. I need a lot of them. While I have plenty pants and skirts I don't have enough tops to go with them and I will also need them for layers in winter. So that's a primary concern.

Then the goal is to get out these patterns below (most of them never used) and create a few pieces to supplement what I already have.

Vogue 7714

I am most excited about this one. It will be my statement piece, a black, grey, and white polka dot moleskin duster jacket. The fabric was originally $29.98(!) but I got 2 yards on sale for $7.49 per yard. It will add some pizazz to my many black items of clothing. Note: must get more white in my wardrobe!

McCall's 4052, McCall's 5686

Two fall themed dresses; the black, gray, and white plaid wool version of this dress and a short sleeved, self-belted dress in this vintage-looking autumnal floral (pumpkin blossom peachskin for $4.99 per yard), both to be be worn with cardigans.

New Look 6836

View A in red stretch suede but with the front petal-like detail of View C. This plan and fabric have been in the works for two years, so it's about time!

Kwik Sew 2529

For night time, I will make myself another set from this Kwik Sew pattern, either the sleep shirt or the tank and boxer briefs. My earlier sets no longer fit and they were so easy to make. Isn't that an incredible flannel design (ripple circles for $2.39 per yard)? So not typical of what you'd normally find.

And if I have more time or more motivation:

Simplicity 2560

An interesting cardigan design in brown, rust or purple to add a punch of color to every outfit. I am truly sick of my simple button-down black one, even if it does go with everything. Oops, I spoke to soon, that cardigan seems to be too small now and not warm enough for colder weather.

Possible dreaming for spring:
A pair of jean-styled boot-cut pants constructed from the pattern included in Wendy Mullin's Sew U book. The fabric was bought last year and is a really nice olive green twill with Lycra.

Simplicity 6529, Vogue 9745

Some full-legged pants using either New Look 6836 (above) or either of these two pants patterns. The Vogue pattern had been made before, in high school I think.

Butterick 5429

At least one of these twisted tops in knits and/or wovens. When I bought the pattern I had assumed the top was for knits, but no.

So, here's the fun part for you, waiting to see when and if I make any of these as planned. Remember, I have a project left from both last fall and this past spring!


Julia said...

You will be the envy of your friends in this wardrobe!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I never finish sewing plans. Having only a few pieces left is pretty impressive in my book!

Anonymous said...

I especially love McCall's 5686--never seen that before--and the New Look blouse. So cute! And I whole-heartedly recommend the Built by Wendy bootcut pants pattern. I made it out of corduroy last winter, and I've just finished a denim version. They're my new favorite pants. Good luck with all your plans!

Audrey said...

Ooh, you have some lovely pieces planned. And in my favorite colors, and some from patterns I have in my stash. Can't wait to see them.

Angela said...

Oo.. those are nice pieces!

MushyWear said...

Each outfit will be gorgeous. I've made the simplicity cardigan, in gray, but you are right, a punch of color would be great for you since you've got the grays covered, and it is a quick easy pattern too! Have fun putting it all together!

moggy said...

Hmm, I don't remember seeing that Butterick twist top - and suitable for wovens too. I'll be keeping my eye on your wardrobe for sure!

Unknown said...

Beautiful designs! Julia is right, your friends will be jealous of you because of these beautiful dresses. Byetta Lawsuit blog