Friday, January 07, 2011

Little Green Dresses: In More Detail

Last month, I wrote about Little Green Dresses by Tina Sparkles that I had been coveting for months. Well, the publisher, Tauton Press graciously offered to send me a review copy. Now that I've been able to REALLY look through it I have more points to make about this book.

How about the fact that it includes:

  • Complete instructions on taking measurement of the body at thirty-three different places. I was flabbergasted how many! However, only certain ones are needed for certain projects and only two to four are usually needed for the Level 1 beginner projects.

  • Instructions for drafting a complete sloper/fitting shell/template garment (a basic long sleeved dress) based on one's personal body measurements! I will be trying this out in the spring (I need to finish a few things first) and writing about my results.

Also that:

  • The book is arranged to help beginner sewers and pattern makers move up to the more advanced levels. There are four skill levels for sewing and three levels for pattern making, with each project listing the ability the sewist should possess in order to complete each project.

  • Many of the pattern projects are adapted from one beginner "builder" pattern, so that one can build on their prior pattern making skills.

  • Level 3 patternmaking consists of the actual drafting of patterns using one's own measurements, including the manipulation of darts, while Level 4 projects involve refashioning secondhand clothing.
  • Some projects have been contributed by independent clothing designers (including my fave, Elizabeth Dye) in the Austin TX area, and many members of the Austin Craft Mafia (which was founded by the author, Ms. Sparkles).

Some examples:
This use of manipulating darts to create additional pattern pieces in order to incorporate color blocking into this "Swoosh Skirt".

This "Suit Skirt" made from the bottom half of a recycled blazer.

The "Genius" leggings pattern that will not have side seams. This is probably the most intricate pattern in the book.


Gabriella said...

Wow that looks like a great book!

golden star said...

Thanks for this review. Now, I'm interested in buying this.