Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Vogue Special Design S-4305

UPDATE: This pattern has now been reissued as Vogue 9106! I may have had a little bit to do with that...

Months ago I bought something decadent and uncalled for. I bought a pattern that isn't even in my size for an occasion it may never be worn to. But I've been obsessed with it for months and the fact that it was still there since summer just meant it was supposed to be mine. Right?

Vogue Special Design S4305 (now Vogue 9106)

I found it at Halcyon, a local vintage store, during the summer and amazingly, it was still there in December when I had a little cash from some Etsy sales*.

There once was an entry on the Vintage Pattern Wiki but it's since been removed, so here is a scan of my pristine original...complete with the original Vogue Special Design label that Vogue used to supply to their home sewers! Can you believe it?!

Yes, this dress may be made for other occasions but my first thought is in white voile, lightly patterned cotton lawn, organdy, or dotted Swiss. Something light as cotton candy and with a feeling very similar to this:

or to these:

Can't you just see it? And believe it or not this dress only has four pattern pieces! Here's a better look at the design:

The ideal situation is that this dress would be graded up two sizes and sewn not by me but a professional seamstress. Otherwise, I would freak out on it having to be perfect and that would stress me out.

This pattern is from 1952, when Vogue Pattern Service was still a part of Conde Nast Publications Inc, the publisher of Vogue fashion magazine. I would love to find a photographic spread of this dress from its pages!

*That and AdSense revenue is the only money I am allowed to use for fun.


Debi said...

LOVE it!! That's great it had the original label! so nice!!!

the fabled needle (jen) said...

it's gorgeous, what a find!

Rebekka Seale said...


Anonymous said...

Oh wow---so lovely! AND it still had the fabric label? Awesome. Of course it was meant to belong to you---any time you go back to a shop months later and the item is still there, it's fate! Besides, it's good to indulge ourselves every now & again.

ATG said...

I love the material in the golden colored dress. Very pretty.