Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspiration For Even More Clothes

From Talbot's of all places!

Remember my gray gathered skirt? Well, I couldn't handle that elastic waist, the skirt was too full and the gathering of all that fabric made my waist look the same size as my hips. So I took the elastic out and was going to construct a waistband for it. However, now I think arranging the skirt into big tucks like these may be the way to handle all that mass.

This picture is the one that caught my eye. I have already made two shirts very similar to this so I think I'll make a few more with this neck detail instead of the gathered neckline. I also love the jewel-like color...I need more color in my wardrobe, at least up around my face.

I love this outfit completely, especially the chunky necklace (also seen above)! Next time I find a great patterned, medium-weight fabric I will try to make this. Look familiar? Yes, I will use my still unused coat pattern but of course that first one still needs to be made.

Of course, all of these ideas are for AFTER I finish the outfits in this post, my 2010-2011 wardrobe.



Suzy said...

I love the skirts on the first photo and have some drawings of something similar I want to attempt sewing. But they look pleated to me and not gathered. Am I seeing it wrong?

A Sewn Wardrobe said...

I was really inspired by Talbot's collection too. There's a lovely denim jacket with a bow on it. So cute! I love the ikat print yellow jacket you chose. I hadn't noticed that one.

Denise said...

I have not shopped at Talbot's but somehow got on their email list. I've been delightfully surprised. They have many things I'll buy — one day!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Those full skirts really do look like too much fun to wear. Great inspiration shots!