Friday, April 08, 2011

Papercut Patterns in NZ

1006 Watson Jacket, $27.

I spent a little time yesterday discovering some new sewing blogs. You know how it is when your regular blogs are not as prolific as they once were and you have read all their archived projects. You need new stuff, like a drug. Discovering new blogs gives you instant content and of course there are THEIR archives, which are all New To You.

Well, a few days ago when I was checking out Dixie DIY's adorable blog I found an old post of hers that mentioned an independant pattern company I hadn't heard about, Papercut Patterns out of New Zealand. This company is one that needs to be talked about. It was founded by Katie Brown and I love that she presents her patterns as seasonal collections. Right now she has two collections and the styles are great. Besides the very cool designs the company is also dedicated to sustainability and their goal to use 100% recycled and recyclable products. Just check out their packaging!

The pattern creates its own hanger for placing it right alongside your own personally drafted oaktag patterns. However, the pattern prices are a bit high even before including the cost of shipping ($10) to the U.S. The only other drawback I see is that the patterns are only sold in individual sizes, not multi-size packs. Here are a few of her looks:

1008 Milano Cape, $27.

1007 Pleated Pant, $23.

1002 Miss Chalmers Skirt
, $19.

Papercut Patterns


Mary Nanna said...

Wow - I have NEVER heard of this company before and I live here! Thanks for telling me about it. For once the postage might be affordable!

Julia said...

I love that swinging cape!!! Thanks for the new blog to check out. I like to find new ones, too, but have such little time for looking. You have such elegant taste. I want that 1950s beaded dress, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Never heard of that company - everything about those patterns is gorgeous!

ATG said...

I love love love that Watson jacket!

Angela said...

Oh how fun!! Hehe... thanks for sharing!

Karen L said...

The pants and skirt are adorable! Thanks for the find.