Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Look At Statement Necklaces

OK, I'm officially obsessed now. I can't stop searching for necklaces! So here are some more that I've found and there will probably be even more. I have also found some pretty fabulous jewelry tutorials too if I decide to save my money afterall.

These first three pictures (from Talbots and Totokaelo) show you how a great necklace (even worn without earrings) can make a simple outfit look polished and finished. Don't you agree?

See how a statement necklace pumps up even the most basic of garments?

This one is a little over the top (and out of my price range!), but it is adjustable and can change shape, either massed into a tinier shape or furled out like eagles wings, as seen here.

Labana necklace, $48; Garan necklace, $58.

Agnes necklace, $44; Takia necklace, $54.

Believe it or not but the pieces above are all from maligned clothing manufacturer, Chico's. Note: In some otherwise fussy stores you may have to look through the overly designed to find the simpler designs but it can be worth it.

Is this not fabulous?! It should be, it's from online store Slap Me Fabulous.

Geometric Diamond Bib necklace (1036N), $96.

Geometric Pendant Necklace (1038N), $52. Another possibility.

This store, Brodie Hall Jewelry came up in a Google image search after about an hour and I am in love! Isn't that last necklace almost perfect?
Any ideas which one from this or the other post I should buy? Please help.

Sources (listed in order): Talbots.com (1), Totokaelo (3), Chico's (4), Slap Me Fabulous (1), Brodie Hall Jewelry (4)

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Elaray said...

Necklaces are my favorite pieces of jewelry! They really can dress up an otherwise ordinary outfit. I wear keys on a lanyard around my neck at work. Not the same! :) But I still love them!