Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sobering Times

In the last three years,

  • one friend lost both his brother and mother to cancers and then lost his loyal dog to a sudden illness;

  • another friend lost both his parents, months apart and is now currently selling, donating, and giving away parts of his childhood home;

  • another friend is undergoing chemo to banish a cancer;

  • and a dear friend just recently lost her father, suddenly and unforeseen.

There has been so much pain and loss. My heart and thoughts go out to all of them, may their hearts and lives repair themselves.

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Anna Christina said...

I am so sorry to hear about the sorrow you and your friends have been going through. My friends and I have had many more tragedies in our lives than most people our age. We are just grateful to have had eachother through it all. I have learned that prayer and a close relationship with God is the best way to remain positive and keep from wasting the blessings I have been given. Thank you for sharing with your readers. I will pray for you and your friends.