Tuesday, April 03, 2012

No Time For A Real Post...

Here are some random thoughts:

  • I bought a 24 inch flexible curve ruler at Office Depot just for making pants!

  • Does anyone know where to get scalloped shears instead of pinking shears? They are supposed to be the best at thwarting unraveling fabric seams.

  • Too many projects, can't focus. Are you feeling the same way?

  • Just how many sew-alongs are actually going on right now? Mad Men Dress Challenge, OWOP, Handmade Wardrobe, Sew Colette, etc.

  • Have you checked out the block/sloper drafting series over at Madalynne? So excited to try them out.

  • Wouldn't it be fabulous if everyone felt this way? (Say goodbye, trolls!)

  • Who else is scared about Blogger's upcoming new look?!


Lynne Williams said...

Instead of scalloped shears pick up the scalloped/pinking rotary cutter. Much easier to use and you can replace the blade when it gets dull. It is almost impossible to find anyone to sharpen regular pinking shears anymore.

My sewing mojo is totally out of wack...so many ideas and very little focus...is it the change of seasons?

I am going to check out the sloper series you mention...I am concerned about copyright issues. I recently saw someone post a tutorial on creating a bodice sloper. All of the instructions I have for these are protected...so I am a little concerned about internet tutorials....is this just me?

Faye Lewis said...

You might be unfocused, but you sure gave us some good resources here. Hope you get back on tract real soon.

Elaray said...

Thank you for the Madalynne link!

It's about 8:00 AM. I'm in a hotel room with my daughter. She's fast asleep and has left me a note asking me NOT to wake her by turning on the TV. Thanks to your link, I have something to read and I'll be very quite for a long time! :)

Thanks again for the Madalynne link!

Kyle said...

I keep meaning to say, thanks for the tip about using vinegar for the funky smelling fabric. I think I will try it...

Maybe you have spring fever? My acupuncturist diagnosed me with it last year. :)

Mikhaela said...

I hear you on sewing mojo, I'm trying to take things one thing at a time too!

Lynne, I also worry about copyright issues with some online tutorials. For example--Sunni very correctly got permission to use an image from Fit For Real People for a tutorial she did--but then some other bloggers repinned it and I saw it appear on other blogs without permission or attribution.

Antoinette said...

The very Madalynne post you linked to was on drafting sleeve patterns, which have always been a mystery to me! So glad I went back and read some of your posts I had missed. Hope you are getting your sewing mojo back. :)

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