Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So...I Changed My Mind...Sue Me!

I know I said, "No more wardrobe plans" but yeah, I changed my mind.

Yesterday, we had a peek at what beautiful weather could be like and I became inspired again about clothes and pretty outfits. So I made this little plan up, most are projects that I actually purchased fabric for years earlier (save two projects with free fabric!). Recently, I have been making projects from either free swap fabric or recycling old fabric but I have neglected these and the already-spent money is making me feel guilty. Therefore, my plan (subject to changes) is to finish these off before August and the upcoming fall sewing. I have mentioned most of these recently but this spells it out clearly. So there.

The great thing about this plan is I have other priorites right now and I can't spend ALL my time reading sewing blogs so if I cut that down I also cut down seeing inspiration for other projects. THIS is what I will be working on so no need to scout more fabric or lust over new patterns. Any purchases, sewing, or research will be limited to these projects.

Supplies still needed to complete:

1. New Look 6656 - two 1/2" buttons (optional)
2. New Look 6145 - nothing
3. Simplicity 5289 - 22" zipper
4. BBW Sew U jeans - 3/4" to 7/8" button
5. Vogue 1992 - nothing
6. Grainline Moss - 7" zipper, 1-5/8" button
7. Simplicity 2591 - nothing

Muslins are in the works for two of them and I will be cutting one out in the final fabric this weekend! I am not promising which one will be next or when I expect to finish it. That is the kind of plan I can work with right now.


K.Line said...

Oooh, can't wait to see how this goes!

KimP said...

Awesome! I completely understand getting sidetracked by seeing other bloggers' projects. I see something great and think, "I wanna make that!" Like Simplicity 2591, for example. : )

Nakisha said...

Just found your blog. Excited to see your wardrobe plan!!