Friday, December 05, 2014

Sewing Plans...They Never End, Do They?

Yes, a new wardrobe plan! The projects that I didn't finish last winter/spring have migrated to this new grouping along with two new projects. Happily, the most practical (and boring) one is already done, the work-related button-down shirt.

Now, I will be consecutively working on the shift dress (once I get a handle on the fitting issues!) and the plaid shirtdress. I spent yesterday cutting out the plaid and I'm hoping the shirtdress can be worn in a few weeks for the holidays. The pants will be the next priority along with finishing the ponte knit dress. The duster will again be shunted to 2015 and early spring.

Received my xmas gift from my Dad early, and yes, another statement necklace and earrings, these are of resin and from Macy's Style & co. line. Funny, it's been years since I had new earrings too. I have been wearing the same moonstone pair everyday. Also Shopped$55285$688597&LinkType=PDPZ1_Pos1 Also Shopped$55285$688595&LinkType=PDPZ1_Pos1

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