Monday, December 08, 2014

Bit By Bit...Piece By Piece...

putting it together *

McCall's 6885

Having no time to do any intensive sewing, like on that front placket, I have been completing the little at a time. I now have the waist ties, pockets, and sleeve tabs together, stitched, and pressed. Now moving on to the sleeves and collar...

Dec. 11 update:

2:00 pm

Hurray! Placket is stitched onto front but there is some handsewing to do on the back and then some topstitching on the front. Topstitched the pockets and sleeve tabs. In process of putting together non-interfaced collar and band now. It's starting to come together!

5:30 pm

Handsewing of plackets done, bottom of placket stitched, and front pleat in position.

10:00 pm

Stopping for the night with collar and band stitched together, edgestitched, and pockets basted in position.

Dec. 18 Update!

Looks just like the sketch above! It only needs buttonholes (five in all) and the hem. Hurrah!
*"Putting It Together" by Stephen Sondheim

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