Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Adolescents or Women: Patterns Today

Butterick 6168

I have just come from looking at the very first pattern of Butterick's new spring collection. It's a lovely dress by Lisette, B6168, that I would really like if the waist was lowered by about an inch.

I have noticed lately that so many of the new pattern styles, whether from Big 4 or independent companies seem to think a woman is more attractive if her waist is approaching an Empire line and therefore, two or three inches above her real waist. There is even a French independent pattern company, Deer & Doe that has specialized in this style. I disagree. In my opinion, anything designed to make me resemble a preteen is not a look meant for me.

So, I was inspired to write the above after viewing that pattern. However, any ill will toward Lisette disappeared as I viewed their second offering, B6182. I am in love with both pieces in this pattern*! Alas, as I looked at it, I realized these same pieces could also look extremely appropriate on a child and also don't really promote a "womanly" shape so I guess I should just shut up about that waist issue. ;)

It truly seems that the Lisette patterns have grown up! Their earlier designs** had a whiff of the juvenile to me which was only enhanced with the coordinating fabric designs they sold at Jo-Ann Fabrics. However, I love these new stylish entries, B6182, B6183, B6168,and B6169 especially.

That black dress (with pockets!) is to die for.

*Did you notice that this top incorporates that same center front dart that I wrote about here? It's becoming quite a popular design element, isn't it?

**By the way, I just realized that Lisette has moved from being offered by Simplicity Patterns to the McCall Pattern Company. I wonder how that all came about?


ParisGrrl said...

My understanding is that Deer & Doe is geared toward a pear-shaped physique, and a C-cup model. It's a French company, so some of their esthetic may also be French or European in concept. I haven't made many of their patterns, but I've been impressed with the ones I have tried.

Su-z said...

Thanks for the post. I haven't given Lisette a second look in quite a while because they do seem very young, especially for me. Liesl Gibson designs them, and I wondered if she was going for a "mommy and me" vibe (along with Oliver + S). Guessing she got a better licensing deal with McCall's.

Robin said...

I have not tried nor purchased Lisette's designs, however, I do agree that her designs are more appealing to specific body types. Being busty and thickish in the waist, I prefer raised waistline styles to simulate a smaller waistline (than I actually have).

Mugsy's in Stitches said...

Regarding the "creeping upwards waistline"...I agree that they appear to have been getting higher, and while I prefer a proper waistline, I must admit that with my Celiac waistline (read: slowly expanding *lol*), I appreciate the slightly higher waistlines of today. Strictly for attempting to hide those bulges. Not that it does a terrific job, but in some cases it can look nicer.

And I'd love to share recipies! I'll also be sure to keep you up-to-date on my possible adventures in the meat-market *LOL*


I agree with you concerning empire waistlines or approximate empire waistlines. :( MANY patterns seem to have that design element :( I am tall, slender with small hips but a large bust. I look AWFUL in those waistlines. No matter where they hit me, I look pregnant :( I am 57 yrs old, I do not want to look pregnant :( I sew for a living, I can adjust patterns but I really don't want to take the time :( I remind my customers about those waistlines. TRY-ON... Don't try to order online because the garment might be a HUGE disappointment and we cannot do much with that existing waistline. LOVE your blog :) Cheryl :)