Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Simple Sofa Pillows - Singer Sewing for the Home

No, not more garment sewing but some necessary and long overdue home sewing.

In 2016, I created two custom slipcovers for a 62" wide octagonal ottoman we use for a coffee table, one in a wipeable vinyl and another in upholstery fabric. Before 2021 arrives, I have now finished the matching sofa pillows in that same subtle green, brown, teal, and orange Ikat print upholstery fabric. (Let's just say I have a little problem with procrastination, ok?)

Sewing for the Home (1988)

It wasn't difficult because I had the help of my first Singer Sewing Reference Library book, Sewing for the Home. My favorite method for covering pillows is their version that has an overlap closure. 

So easy, so elegant, so quick! If you don't have this book, there is a very similar tutorial from So Much Better With Age. I also found one by The Crafting Nook that uses one piece of fabric, simplifying the process.

I could have used a ruler and measured the 17" x 17" front and 17" x 22-1/2" back pieces right on the fabric. Instead, I created one paper pattern measuring 17" x 22-1/2," which at full size I could cut the pillow back. By folding it under at the 17" line, I could also cut the pillow front. Therefore, one pattern could be used for both parts.

During construction, I reinforced all the stress points by double stitching at each corner and the overlap area, knowing that these pillows would need to be hardworking. I then steamed every seam and pressed them with a clapper to create flat crisp edges.

This is a great way to change your decor quickly and cheaply; it takes less than two yards per typical couch accent pillow. An added bonus is that if you chose only machine-washable fabrics, spills are no longer a problem if you move quickly.


JustGail said...

Nice work on the pillows! This year I was thinking I should make some seasonal pillow covers as they'd be much easier to swap out and store than many other decorations. Nope, not done :-)

I have this book, and it is good.

lsaspacey said...

I have so many of those Singer books and have found something wonderful in all of them. I am getting stuff done in these last days of the year but I will not shame myself for all the stuff I COULD have done. Those days are over. Thanks so much for the comment! I miss them.