Thursday, August 10, 2006

Glorious glorious day

After almost two weeks, I finally mustered up the courage to see how I did in my very last Spanish class. [If I pass this class, I will have fulfilled my foreign language requirement for my major.] This class was so hard, it was not wise to take on a subject that you don'’t feel strong in during an accelerated summer session. There were only five weeks to learn about five different ways to describe something that happened in the past.

As Charlie Brown said so eloquently, ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

Oh, where was I? Yes, I finally checked my grades. My biggest fear was that I would fail and have to take this class all over again during a normal length semester. I don'’t know how to describe it, I have had such a hard time motivating myself to learn this language. This last instructor told me after my oral exam that my pronunciation was great, I just had to work on my vocabulary (haven't learned enough words) and my grammar. So whatever I am capable of saying, at least Spanish-speakers will not laugh and point at me. I have to take it again? Did it cause damage to my rising grade point average? Or did I not only NOT fail but did I surpass my own expectations and receive a C?

I did, I did! This particular grade, a C, is at this moment in time the most beautiful grade in the world to me! I still even ended up with a 3.0 GPA for the semester.

I am now content. I know I will learn Spanish in my own time, only now because I will feel comfortable talking to people and not because I have to for a grade.

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